Mass Migration & Non-Governmental Organisations

People have been lead to believe that the increase in migration from The Third World into Europe and the rest of The Western World has been an organic development without connivance from outside sources, and as though it is up to Western nations to help those migrating to our home and native lands. This article will outline how these are false narratives laid down by those standing to directly benefit from the developing situation.

Firstly, the current influx of migrants into Europe, North America (including Canada), and New Zealand/Australia from all over has been encouraged, accommodated, and immanentised not only by certain politicians and people acting on behalf of the state and supranational organisations such as The UN and EU, but also by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that are well-funded by wealthy investors, and billionaires looking to meddle in the international political arena for the sake of the furtherance of their own aims and benefits. The most glaring example of this is the aptly named The Open Societies Institute, based in New York city, which is the brainchild of one George Soros.

Soros has invested over 32 BILLION in his OpenSocieties Institute(1), whose aims include very carefully framed PR doublespeak statements such as “We help to shape public policies that assure greater fairness in political, legal, and economic systems and safeguard fundamental rights.”(2) while they promote Marxist ideals which lead to the dispossession of resource and the ability to effect change on a democratic level for the natives of Europe, North America, and Australia/New Zealand. Soros’ bio on the OSI website explains that he attempts to influence policy through his “philanthropic” efforts. The selected verbiage, as per usual, acts as sheep’s clothing and coverage for the predatory influence which lies in the subtext.

The Open Societies Institute defines itself with statements like “we believe in addressing inequalities that cut across multiple lines, including race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and citizenship.”(2) while funding campaigns both online and in physical space entirely centred around race-baiting, victim/shame politics, which exacerbate tensions between demographic groups. This is used as a means of projecting political power through the creation of social unrest, while the same organisations push for policy reform and social reform as a result of problems they themselves have caused.

The OSI and other NGOs define themselves with positive-sounding rhetoric. They release statements like “We believe in encouraging critical debate and respecting diverse opinions.”(2) while they fund campaigns to deplatform political opposition,  fund biased media organisations, “activist” mobs, and troll armies whose modus operandi includes defamation, slander/liable(3), even the incitement of violence and inflicting physical harm on those whose political points of view are not in-line with their own(4).

These groups claim to represent the underclasses, that they are champions of vague notions such as ‘social justice’, and that they are fighters against some ill-defined, nebulous Patriarchy. And yet they are funded by some of the wealthiest financial players and industrialists on Earth — whom, if they are not representative of ‘The Patriarchy’, I do not know who or what is — whose agendas they accommodate in the pursuance of massive grants being given out to these useful idiots and their NGOs.

A perfect example is Black Lives Matter, a group responsible for rioting, destruction of property, and the stirring-up of racial tensions all over the US, who have raked-in over 100 million the past six years from funders such as George Soros’ OSI and The Ford Foundation(5). This organisation incites riots and racially-based hatred and violence, while calling for ‘reparations’ — which is a euphemism for ‘free money for black people’ — and free college for black people(6).Not any other demographic, though… How much the over 100 million they have received from white people/foundations run by white people has been spent clothing and housing the poor?

Curiously, this organisation, which decries racism as the worst evil there is, is highly prejudiced. This video shows a prominent member of BLM (Ashleigh Shackleford) giving a talk decrying all white people as racist(7). This grotesque, ill-constituted creature is being well-paid by wealthy investors to spread a message of anti-white intolerance weakly disguised as activism that is supposed to be somehow empowering for black people in the US. Reality check: exacerbating racial tensions benefits nobody, other than spineless piles of protoplasm such as this paid stooge, and the ultra-wealthy people whose bidding she is doing in her thinly-veiled attempts to divide people across racial and ethnic lines.

The OSI are masters of doublespeak, and wield linguistic force rather skilfully — even though many of their proposed points of view are either semantically empty, or plainly false — paying high-level academics to frame the sentimental nonsense expressed in their ethos with the sophistic skill of Thrasymachus himself! (Thrasymachus was an infamous sophist from Ancient Greece who was one of the characters in The Platonic Dialogs who managed to give the great Socrates himself a run for his money with his well-considered might makes right argument in the early chapters of Republic.)

Although their mission statements are well-written, and laid out in such a way that anyone naive enough to take the spiel at face value might find it full of noble stances and propositions: making assumptions about what the OSI and other NGOs represent without a decent sampling of factual information surrounding the effects these organisation have on both Western Culture, as well as the world at large, one might be duly fooled. These organisations seem to construct their ideological framework around niceties, pleasantries, and euphemistic takes that in no way represent their real world efforts; their expressed aims and goals almost seeming as though they were penned by Ivy Lee himself(8).

But, what does this have to do illegal immigration into The West? Everything. The well-popularised point of view which attempts to justify unchecked illegal migration is built upon a network of NGOs spewing endless pro-migrant, anti-Western propaganda. One glaring example of this is the inappropriately named European Stability Initiative. The ESI are the NGO responsible for creating Europes blueprint for mass migration, The Merkel Plan(9). The ESI is yet another “NGO” (wink wink) which just so happens to receive a glut of funding from not only the OSI and The Rockefellar Brothers Fund, but the EU Commission, the Irish government, the German government, the Canadian government, and the Swedish government — to name a few(10). These so-called “non-governmental organisations” sure do receive a lot of taxpayers’ money to fund initiatives which do not seem to be in the taxpayer’s best interest.

Fret not, dear citizens! This is all for your own good! As the oh-so trustworthy UN has clearly detailed for us, as it explains that this is being done to replace the native populations of Western Liberal Democracies with new arrivals from The Third World(11). What could possibly go wrong? It is not like The Third World has any social or economic problems, or that any of the cultural or religious practices could be in any way incompatible with Western values…

Across demographics, across the infinitely wide spectrum of peoples, down to the individual level, we are all the exact same, right? There are no genetic or biological differences between people from different ethnicities, right? It will all work out fine, no matter how many people we import from cultures where violence is more prevalent, anti-Western/anti-white sentiment is common, or nations where the average IQ is in the low 70s… right?(12)(13)

I know it has been a growing trend to think otherwise recently, but all the problems experienced in the countries of origin of many of our new arrivals are not the fault of white people. I say this as an Irishman, whose country has never been involved in the ownership of slaves (other than our ancestors being slaves), and whose country has never taken part in a war of aggression on any nation. We are utterly blameless in the narratives that spread ideas that imply white people are responsible for all the ills of The Third World. And, even if we were, I would not thing the demographic replacement of our native population would be anything even closely approximating a good idea. Today’s average Westerner, especially the Irish, are not responsible for any supposed harm done to the home-countries of the new arrivals, or their economic and social problems. So, why do we have to bare the burden of accepting unlimited numbers of illegal migrants without any vote or even open discussion of the issue?

Aside from the arguments supportive of illegal migration laid on people as a guilt-trip to justify the replacement of natives, The UN’s take that it is for our own good due to reduced fertility — “Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to prevent population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates” UN waffle (11) — carries no meaningful force. Maybe if we had better pay, living conditions, and were accommodated in our efforts to procreate, that would not be a problem. Instead we are endlessly divided, worked to the bone, and subject to so much stress that breeding does not seem like a good idea. We have entered a behavioural sink(14) as a result of the surrounding conditions.

The replacement justification narrative is also invalidated by the sheer lack of willingness of so many of the new arrivals to actually integrate into the new societies they are visiting. The fact is that they are a net burden on the economies of developed nations. Granted, some of the new arrivals are great people, and are respectable, productive members of the communities they join, but this is unfortunately not always the case. Many of the new arrivals are simply opportunists and welfare tourists. Research estimates that, in Germany, up to 75% will be long-term welfare recipients who will spend their lives collecting government benefits paid for by the already overburdened taxpayers(15). It takes twelve average German taxpayers to fit the bill for the costs associated with one migrant(16). It would be edifying if relevant studies were being conducted in Ireland so we could have more information freely available on the impact of open-borders on this humble little island.

It is not a coincidence that these policies are so well-funded and well-supported on so many levels by banking institutions, bankers, the NGOs they fund, and government agents and agencies seeking power: the greater the national debt, the more control of a nation the banking elite have, and those who sidle-up to, and get real cosy with, the financial elite are putting themselves in positions to benefit. The burden of what has been borrowed is paid out of massive loans from private banking institutions like the ECB and federal reserve, which have attached themselves to the state apparatus like some god-awful parasite which feeds on debt.

The past decade mass-migration has been promoted by people like ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs, Peter Sutherland (member of The Bilderberg Group’s steering committee, as well as a chairman for The Trilateral Commission), who was calling for a dehomginsation of The West as if his life — or, more appropriately, his net worth — depended on it. I am sure it was just happenstance that the institution he represented stood to gain power from the implementation of the policy changes he was so publicly and emphatically calling for. There could not possibly be ulterior motives at play and profit to be made by some from the policies being pushed! It is not like The West has a debt-based banking system which requires more and more human resources to keep itself from collapsing over time(17). Nope. No ulterior motives could possibly be afoot!









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