The Treasonous UN Migration Pact

The aim of this article is to detail an issue receiving little coverage across legacy media sources in the lead-up to its signification. The UN Migration Compact(1) — also know as The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration — is a broad, overarching agreement between UN member states which attempts to outline future policy by those member states regarding the flow of refugees and migrants into their respective territories. The fact that so many countries have withdraw from signing the compact should be telling

The countries unwilling to sign the document are: The United States, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Austria, Italy, Australia, Slovakia, Denmark, Bulgaria, Estonia, Israel, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Belgium, China, Korea, Japan.

The apparent media blackout on the issue immediately preceding the signing of the agreement is typical of policies relating to the flow of migrants in past decades; completely removed from the democratic process, as well as The People’s ability to choose, or even to be properly informed on the issue.

When reading the document, one of the first things that will become apparent to the reader is how the terms ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’ are used in conjunction, granting both refugees and migrants the same privileges, and forging a category to which they both belong. This is problematic — right off the bat.

Clear distinctions need to be made between who is a genuine refugee in need of care, and who is an economic migrant simply seeking better pay and a life of greater comfort. Who genuinely needs help, versus those who are not actually in any immediate danger, and simply migrating for the sake of opportunity to benefit (without a reasonable excuse). This distinction is critical when the frame being set is one of necessity, for the sake of helping those in dire need. Where do we draw the line?

Ireland is currently experiencing a housing crisis and homeless crisis the likes the country has never seen. Many are unwilling to acknowledge the fact that mass migration is the major cause, even when the price of rent has gone up 75% on average over the past 7 years(2), some parts of the country far exceeding this. This country’s population has risen by 1 million over the past ten years, and has in that time gone from a largely ethnically homogeneous population (like Japan/Korea), to having almost 20% of its documented inhabitants non-native(3).

The fact that non-governmental organisations have been ferrying boatloads of migrants to the shores of developed nations the past number of years in tandem with organised crime syndicates, which literally amounts to illegal human trafficking, is bad enough(4)(5). Let alone the fact that NGOs are training migrants how to lie in order to effectively claim and qualify for bogus ‘refugee’ status(6). But, on top of that, the taxpayer is left to fit the bill for their housing, as with Irish ‘direct provision centres(7), for classes how to seduce and sexually arouse local women, like in Germany(8). The overall cost to the taxpayer is not even calculable, but, one thing is clear, the associated value migrants bring in no way compares the cost incurred — Germany alone is expected to pay close to 100 billion euros over a period of just four years(9). These are monetary costs. Socio-cultural costs are not so easily calculable.

The UN compact is built on a foundation of a number of preceding agreements, all of which were quietly signed by political figures from all over the world without democratic vote, or even open discussion; and yet, such legislation forms the legal framework of our collective future. Granted, such agreements currently do not have the force of law, but that does not mean they are not guidelines for the members states, or that they never will have the force of law. The cost and effort have not been expended to ratify such agreements for no good reason. The foundations are being built for a tyrannical one-world government. We would be naive to assume this is all just meaningless formality that has no bearing on the future development of member states.

Curiously, one of the agreements cited as being a part of the legislative framework upon which this compact is building is the little-known Addis Ababa Agreement(10)(11), one of the aims of this UN plan is healthcare reform, and specifically the management of infectious disease such as HIV/AIDS. What does such an agreement have to do with The UN Migration Compact? Could one avenue be that those with infectious diseases cannot be properly managed and cared-for in their countries of origin, and so the healthcare is being outsourced by allowing those afflicted to seek healthcare in developed nations?(12)

The healthcare system in The West is already overburdened(13), but can those invested in our governments and local healthcare schemes resist the potential revenue-streams and PR opportunities created by managing Third World migrants with infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS? Government run healthcare is in-part a means of projecting power, as well as a highly organised money-making scheme which hugely benefits pharmaceutical companies, is very easy to take advantage of (14), and is run by a cooperative of state and private interests working in concert(15) — somewhat like the UN — and is one of the most lucrative sectors of business on Planet Earth. The federal healthcare system in the US costs the US taxpayer 60 billion a year in fraud and inaccurate billing alone.

Under the UN compact migrants and refugees are to be granted access to healthcare, education, legal representation and other benefits in nations which they and their ancestors contributed nothing to innovating, funding, or building. Meanwhile, the infrastructure the natives of developed countries and their ancestors innovated, funded, and established are being hijacked by the misrepresentatives of The People of those countries in concert with opportunistic migrant hordes.

Healthcare, education, legal, and a whole host of other costs, will continue to be incurred as a result of open-border policies instituted without the democratic votes or agreements to validate them. Resources paid for by The People who constitute developed nations, who built-up the infrastructure of those respective nations, which has lead to the creation of the greatest civilisation in the history of Planet Earth, are being usurped by people who have no claim to those resources. This is tantamount to theft. Although somewhat indirect, dressed-up in positive, compassionate-sounding rhetoric, and cleverly orchestrated: it amounts to little more than usurpation and thievery.

The UN compact on migration is so insidious on so many fronts that it is difficult to even begin to be able to tease apart the implications that will follow its implementation. One of the defining characteristics of this act, and the push to accommodate and justify the mass migration paradigm, is how it is being designed to make it impossible for large-scale opposition to develop in response.

The UN’s modus operandi is quintessentially cryptofascist in nature; its implementation occurring on the grandest-scales, defined by its all-encompassing inescapability, forged by state and private interests acting in concert, built to accommodate the debt-based financial system the world is increasingly under the power of; leading to the populations of developed nations having less-and-less power in their own homelands while governments, bankers, and multinationals seize control (through access to cheaper labour, restrictions on speech/expression, more governmental/supranational scope and funding through debt-based economics which, above all-else, empowers and emboldens the international banking cartels the world is already unfortunately so heavily influenced by).

The game is rigged, folks. And, as humanity continues on down this dystopian path so skewed and twisted into the appearance of a parade of empathy and compassion toward the less fortunate — from the most powerful, vampiric PR merchants on the face of the planet, who stand to benefit most — it becomes increasingly difficult to even speak-out publicly against further legislation toward a one-world tyrannical cooperative of state and financial power all rolled into one totalitarian conglomeration. These issues are carefully designed to make them unopposable; or designed so that anyone in opposition can be painted with broad brush-strokes in ways that leave people afraid to take a stand. The definitions of what constitutes ‘hate crime’ as outlined by this compact make it even clearer that to oppose the will of Globalism openly will be a prosecutable offence in the not too distant future.

“We commit to eliminate all forms of discrimination, condemn and counter expressions, acts and manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, violence, xenophobia and related intolerance against all migrants in conformity with international human rights law” Objective 17

It all sounds so noble, and yet anyone who has spent any time studying political philosophy will know that the state operates in euphemisms, and lofty, proper-sounding language which justifies all sorts of injustice. Objective 17 lays-out a path toward a new era of censorship which is introducing us to a brave new world wherein certain points of view will be outlawed, and the expression of certain sentiments will not be publicly allowable. The legislation of language and the control of freedom of speech and freedom of expression is the gateway to unopposable tyranny. When a population is deceived, and has the facts of the matter hidden from view, that is one level of betrayal. But, the control of speech, expression, and thought more generally creates a situation in which those in control of the reigns of power cannot be effectively opposed in any way; which opens the doors to all manners of atrocity.

The slow, incremental creeping ideology of Global Socialism(16) is gaining ground by the day, at the same time any force that stands against it is attacked, labelled as prejudiced, deplatformed/defunded, and set-upon with boundless fury from well-funded sources, well-paid players, and mobs of useful idiots alike. This creep toward Global Socialism is so carefully entrenched in co-opted civil rights issues, heart-string-plucking narratives, and victim politics that people are stirred to emotional response such that clear thinking on this intentionally convoluted array of issues is near impossible.

Even when one puts together a coherent, evidence-based argument against the validity of these compacts, agreements, associated sentiments, and the progression of the related cultural developments — after investing great time and energy to do so — the lack of clear understanding of these issues, as well as blatant misunderstanding from those fooled by the mainstream justifications leave anyone not ideologically in-line with The Mass Migration Cult in a position that is near untenable; opening one up to accusations of undefined racism, xenophobia, islamophobia; ad nauseum.

One thing needs to be made very clear: having one’s own interests at heart is not racism. Human beings have inherent internal biases which express themselves in a number of ways. It has been shown across the entire animal kingdom, even down into the realm of insects, that creatures are predisposed to favouring those genetically similar to them(17). We see communities of new arrivals creating little isolated communities all over the world, resulting in phenomena like nearly ethnically homogenous black ghettos, ‘No-Go Zones’ for natives across central Europe and Scandinavia, and even towns like Saville in The U.K. with a native White British population of close to zero.(18)

There are concepts from Social Psychology which are foundational in the understanding of human beings such as ‘In-group Preference’(19), ‘Out Groups’, and ‘Kin Selection’. Even though these terms are of great worth to scientists engaged in research on human psychology, and the fact that these concepts are integral parts of the scientific literature on the study of human beings: to bring them up matter of factly in open parlance with most people who are not well-read, or hip to the nomenclature of the behavioural sciences, will garner funny looks and abridged conversations at a bare minimum; and accusations of racism and overt contempt from many particularly feeble-minded individuals. It seems as though facts and science are no longer allowed to be discussed in this day and age without negative consequences. Human intellectual progress itself is held back by the absolute insanity surrounding certain politically-charged hot button topics.(20)(21)(22).

Idiotic bimbos such as Canadian PM Justin Trudeau mindlessly repeat meaningless slogans like ‘Diversity is strength!’, even though that certainly does not seem to mean diversity of opinion, and when it has been shown scientifically not to be the case(21)(22). Diversity is not strength. Diversity leads to the dissolution of social cohesion. Reason-based understanding of reality is what made Western Civilisation the pinnacle of human intellectual and cultural progress, and now that is all being thrown away for the sake of empty sentiment which suits state-power, the financial elite, and multinational corporations.

If social stability and the previously experienced levels of comfort and societal coherence are at all important, attention should surely be paid to scientifically-rooted understanding backed-up with piles of evidence that pertain directly to the policy choices that are being secretly made behind our backs, behind closed doors, which are largely unreported on — such as The UN Migration Compact.

Identity politics is built on, and plays off of, the inherent psychological biases present in human beings. When natives are being dispossessed of their own resources, land, and other birthrights through deceit and manipulation of their psychology, they need to be made aware that it is a scientifically valid point of view to have preference for those genetically similar to them, who share their values and culture. Not all human beings are equal. Not all human beings have the same values, or share the same interests. We vary in many ways, and are divided naturally among many lines that inevitably lead to direct competition, adversariality, even enmity.

The bottom-line here is that a betrayal the magnitude of which has never been seen before on Planet Earth is under way. The governments of developed countries like Ireland are engaging in activity which amounts to nothing other than treason: as national interests are sold out to supranational organisations such as The UN and EU.

Will we go quietly into this goodnight, or will we take a stand? History is in the process of being written. Will The People of The West allow themselves to be usurped, to be replaced, subsumed? Or, will they fight back?

Only time will tell…




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  • comment-avatar
    Michele ()

    The Italian Goverment should make it clear that it will NOT sign. If they have any regard for their election promises it would be completely hypocritical to do so. Migration should not be governed by an international body unaccountable to our own citizens, especially when western countries are very clear that they find the scale and pace of such flows to be unsustainable and unacceptable.

    • comment-avatar
      C.B. Ahern ()

      Very true. Although I feel there is a lot of pressure put on governments behind the scenes by lobbyists, business interests, financiers, and the international banking cartels. The People need to make it clear that it is us that they work for, and hound them to make sure they stay on the straight and narrow. There is a huge amount of opportunity for those in-charge who are willing to betray the will of The People. We need to make it very clear it is not in their interest to make dirty deals behind closed doors, as it is destroying our respective nations.