3 posts from month 12/2018

Socialism — A Failed Ideology

Socialism seems to be the default ideology for many misguided people in the Twenty-first Century; whether they know it or not. It has infected the culture like a virus and has been spreading into the minds of many who do not even know they are afflicted. Social justice warriors, Neofeminists, Neoliberals (as opposed to Classical Liberals), anti-Capitalists of various kinds, misguided Egalitarians — so many belief systems of the day are seeded with Marxist ideals. I have to admit, at the ...

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The Treasonous UN Migration Pact

The aim of this article is to detail an issue receiving little coverage across legacy media sources in the lead-up to its signification. The UN Migration Compact(1) — also know as The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration — is a broad, overarching agreement between UN member states which attempts to outline future policy by those member states regarding the flow of refugees and migrants into their respective territories. The fact that so many countries have withdraw from ...

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Soros and Hillary

George Soros — Foundations of Villainy

The last article released on this site (The Hysterical, Sold-out Radical Left) examined extremist, NGO ‘activist’ organisations whose members take part violent action, and use all sorts of dirty-tricks, against perceived political opposition. One of the avenues explored was how these organisations are funded, and by whom. One of the characters enabling these organisations to fund their ill-deeds is billionaire investment banker George Soros. Who is George Soros?  George was born in ...

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