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The Hysterical, Sold-out Radical Left

The radical left seems to be more and more vocal worldwide since the election of Donald J. Trump as the forty-fifth president of The United States of America. There are many groups who are loosely affiliated, the most notorious of whom are called AntiFa. The name AntiFa is short for ‘Anti Fascists’. And, yet: the actions carried-out by this organisation of radical leftists makes them resemble Nazi Brownshirts more so than any far right organisation currently operating in Europe and North America(1).

The group has been referred to as ‘a revolutionary communist-anarchist militia movement’. Although the categorisation ‘anarchist’ is pretty hilariously inappropriate when one considers some of their affiliates and sources of funding, as well as the fact that they are highly organised. But, the group are masters of double-speak, largely comprised of students and academics, who know how to frame their point of view in such a way that it always sounds so righteous and beneficial. I would describe them as: radical left neoMarxist provocateurs who want to destroy traditional Western values. Or, more simply: commie thugs.

They seem to have bubbled-up into the public’s awareness (and my own) in the months of hysteria following the election loss of Hillary Clinton. It is probably just a coincidence they are funded by one of Hillary’s largest campaign contributors… They affiliate themselves with the original Anti-Fascists who were founded in response to the rise of genuine Fascism in Italy in the years following World War 1, with organisations such as Arditi del Popolo and The Italian Anarchist Union.

I have no faith in the modern day so-called Anti-Fascists (Antifa) because they act more like Hitler’s Brownshirts than people genuinely trying to create harmony in the world, and seem to exist for the sole purpose of deterring political opposition to Marxist and communistic ideals, which have been rebranded and repackaged into modern day Globalism. Their sources of funding make it very clear they are not ‘the good guys’; even though they most fervently want you to believe they are. They have even been designated as a ‘domestic terrorist’ organisation in The US by The Department of Homeland Security.

This organisation is nothing more than a bunch of disillusioned sore losers who hate Western Liberal Democracy, and want to subvert cultural narratives they disagree with by claiming their political opponents are evil by labelling them with horrible epithets — creating Strawman caricatures of their targets — and directing slander, libel, and defamation toward groups and individuals they oppose; even using threats, physical intimidation as deterrents while being protected by law-enforcement and the judicial system(2)(3). They target people, and justify their attacks (both verbal, written, and physical) based on their gross misrepresentations of how they define their chosen adversaries; calling anyone who disagrees with them: ‘racists’, ‘misogynists’, ‘homophobic’, ‘islamophobic’, and a litany of other accusatory Ad Hominems. And, in the Twenty-First Century, we all know: you cannot side with anyone labelled with these accusatory adjectives, or you are guilty by association! Well… that is how they want to browbeat you into mental submission, at least. It is actually glaringly fallacious unreason to draw such weak conclusions as that, and is done so to keep people afraid of speaking-up in support of nationalistic, populist, conservative, and anti-communistic points of view

Cultural Marxists such as Antifa are masters of doublespeak. It is almost as if they are something right out of George Orwell’s 1984; so much so that they seem to have perfectly encapsulated the term ‘Ignorance is strength!’ into a political movement — to great ironic effect. They use language as a means of manipulation and justification rather than to elaborate any coherent point of view, end goals, or expound any specific ideological basis for their organisation other than to endlessly attack the coherence and cultural value-systems of well-developed western nations such as The United States, The UK, and dear little Ireland. They call themselves Antifascists, and label anyone they do not like, or who does like them, as Fascists. When they harass, intimidate and attack people, they call it protesting/counter-protesting, and act as though they are in the right, no matter what. They claim to stand for ‘social justice’, but have a habit of doing great harm to property(4) and innocents alike(5).

Ignorance is strength!

All the emotional rhetoric they use is designed to defame, to damage reputations, to turn people against each other; kind of like how GCHQ’s JTRIG unit deals with dissent on the internet (see: Don’t Believe Your Eyes — Part I). They claim Anarchism, yet they are an organisation heavily influenced by powerful political players. They are tools used to create unrest, who use threats and scare-tactics as means of corrupting the democratic process, and stealing power back from those in opposition to Globalism.

But, even though a lot of their points of view are based on deranged imaginings and lies regarding the ubiquity of Nazis who simply do not exist: they are well-organised, well-funded, and no doubt a threat to both the Free Speech, and the democratic freedoms of people in Western Liberal Democracies. They operate with aim of silencing those with whom they disagree politically. They throw terms like ‘Nazi’ around as if they were living in the fantasy world portrayed in the Wolfenstein series of video games (the sole focus of the game being to endlessly fight and kill Nazis); and, the fact that they act as if they are heroes makes these delusional and insincere goons seem all the more as though they are a bunch of confused idiots lost in a nightmarish hallucination. They disrupt protests of people whose beliefs are not in-line with their own, shout obscenities at whoever they arbitrarily deem Fascists, and initiate physical violence against perceived political opponents, police, and journalists alike(5)(6).

Even Ireland is not safe from these roving bands of thugs(7). They sucker-punch and mob defenceless individuals when there is no threat of harm to themselves, they deliver life-threatening offence from behind women in protests (like Berkeley prof. Eric Clanton), they throw bricks at people, pepperspray children(8), attack those on ideological right and left alike, use weapons on the unarmed(9), and only seem willing to attack anyone when they far outnumber their targets — as they are communistic cowards.

Have you ever wondered why anti-American protest groups in The US have such expensive, well-made signs and posters when so many of them are unemployed, or penniless college students? They receive funding from wealthy investors. Investors who do not have the best interests of The US and Europe at heart. These groups have received funding from people with direct ties to The Chinese Communist Party, such as known communist Floyd Huen(10). Why would the CCP be supporting activists like this in The US? To make America great? No. The goal seems to be to subvert popular culture, destabilise nations the Chinese perceive as competition, and infect Western civilisation with Marxist ideals. When considering this little piece of the puzzle, it should be difficult to take too seriously the notion that these self-proclaimed anti-Fascists are true heroes of social justice — with China being the shining beacon of civil rights and fairness that it clearly… is not.

If the fact that such groups are funded by The Chinese Communist Party is not worrying enough, the fact that ol’ George Soros’ Open Societies Foundations have been shown to be a source of funding for this terrorist organisation should give readers even more pause for thought(11)(12). Especially when considering the viability of the point of view that they are somehow heroes; or events Anarchists — which they clearly are not. Anarchists generally tend not to do the bidding of members of the financial elite.

Both the Washington CAN (Washington Community Action Network) and the AfG (The Alliance for Global Justice) are funded by Soros’ Open Societies Foundations, and directly or indirectly fund Antifa; the AfG doing so by channelling payment through another organisation, conveniently named ‘Refuse Facism’). All these donations are tax-deductible, meaning Soros is actually getting money back from the US government for pay-outs he is making to bring the country down from within.

Figuring out who funds Antifa is problematic as the movement is highly decentralised and is made up of private individuals and loosely affiliated groups alike. The funding is channelled by degrees of separation to the end recipients. That is how the game four-dimensional chess is played by those at the top of the pyramid; such as members of the international banking cartel as Soros is. That is how this follow the money shell-game works. Billionaires use NGOs, charities, and activist organisations to obfuscate the movement of funds which are invested to help them achieve political ends. These mendacious weasels can then hide behind a PR veil of ‘philanthropy’ as they funnel vast sums of money into organisations which help them seize and consolidate power.

Antifa are one of many so-called activist organisations which operate under a cover of social justice whose actions seem more centred around the use of race-baiting, playing games of victim-politics, guilting/shaming/defaming opposition, overtly lying to win support, and inciting violence, rather than actually doing anything productive to promote harmony between people of varying ethnicities and ideologies. Black Lives Matter is another organisation of people who claim to be champions of moral fortitude, but whose misrepresentations of reality lead to civil unrest and further division and enmity between demographics sensibilities(13)(14). They claim that violent criminals who die when they step way out of line (like Michael Brown) are victims, and stir idiots without a clue into a frenzy when they choose to seize upon any opportunity to paint all black people as victims, while promoting the idea that all white people are racist, and endlessly victimise blacks(15). But, anyone willing to look at global crime statistics knows that is not the case, as black people are overrepresented in violent crime statics across the West, and whites are much more often the victims of crime at the hands of black people.

BLM is yet another one of the many shady ‘activist’ groups operating in The Western World that seems hell-bent on the destruction of civilisation itself through the use of identity politics to subvert the culture, endlessly divide, agitate, and pit sections of the population against each other. ‘Who funds BLM?’, you might ask. The usual suspect, of course: Mr George Soros. Again, this man is a major funder of this organisation, having donated at least $33,000,000 to race-baiting shit-stirrers, Black Lives Matter and other social justice organisations through his Open Societies Foundations around the time of the Ferguson protests/riots(16).

We see the manipulation of groups of people by those with the financial means to fund protest movements, who have links to many major media organisations(17) and great power of influence over public discourse. This organisations are not created organically by regular people, they are funded by nefarious actors with ulterior motives. This must be known and understood, their emotional rhetoric disassembled and shown to be the baseless nonsense that it really is. From there: it is up to reasonable, informed people out there to reclaim sanity for the species at large.




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