6 posts from month 11/2018


The Hysterical, Sold-out Radical Left

The radical left seems to be more and more vocal worldwide since the election of Donald J. Trump as the forty-fifth president of The United States of America. There are many groups who are loosely affiliated, the most notorious of whom are called AntiFa. The name AntiFa is short for ‘Anti Fascists’. And, yet: the actions carried-out by this organisation of radical leftists makes them resemble Nazi Brownshirts more so than any far right organisation currently operating in Europe and North ...

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The Anti-Democratic European Union

In 2002, Ireland adopted the Euro. The country’s fate continued to be knit together along with a network of other European countries through the growth and consolidation of the EU. This was always presented to the citizenry by local news media organisations as a great benefit, and a natural progression which would strengthen Ireland and give its citizens greater wealth, and access to the world outside of its borders. At least that was the sales pitch. Personal Take But, from the ...

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The Corporate Controlled Social Media

“History is written by the winners.” This little truism is an unfortunate fact of life, but it is not simply that history is written by the winners, but another truism I feel is important to bear in mind, is that: present-day narratives which define the cultures and regions of Planet Earth are influenced and limited by those in power. Many wealthy investors have a lot at stake in perpetuating certain ideas for the sake of furthering their own agenda, and are aligned with certain factions ...

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Don’t Believe Your Eyes — Part II

The last article written in this series was about how state, deep state, and private interests spend untold sums of money to manipulate public opinion by petitioning politicians, and through spreading preprepared and preselected information — or disinformation — far and wide. This is done by means of the orchestration of groups of paid or interested individuals in order to tackle issues in ways that make their efforts seem organic, and by tricking members of the public, as well as public ...

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Don’t Believe Your Eyes — Part I

The article posted on this site a few months back, ‘Can’t You See How They See?’ is all about interpreting the complexity of the world, how one can understand people in their environment, and what inference or meaning can be made from a given glance. Contrarily, this series of articles is going to explore why, in this day and age, it might not be such a good idea to believe your own eyes — or, at least: your immediate appraisal. Careful consideration is now more and more ...

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