• Identity Politics

Identity Politics

Divide ut regnes

The Roman Empire put great effort into conquering Gallic Empire between the period of 125 and 51BC. Gaul was a vast landmass ruled over by numerous loosely associated Celtic tribes, and eventually succumbed to the Romans through a divide and conquer strategy adopted and played-out by the famous Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.

It was the father of Alexander The Great, King Philip II of Macedonia, who is credited with coining the phrase ‘divide et impera’, and the historical ontogenesis of the divide and conquer strategy(1) which has been rather popular amongst military and social strategists alike ever since.

Philip used this means to gain control over Greece and the Balkan Peninsula over the course of his life, and similar tactics were employed by his son, Alexander II of Macedonia – also known as Alexander The Great – to… great effect. Playing part in his eventual conquering of Anatolia, Syria, Phoenicia, Judea, Gaza, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, Bactria; even extending his empire as far as Punjab, India.

Divide and conquer has been a well-known and effective means of conquest since ancient times, but what does it imply?

“All warfare is based on deception”, and that: “Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.” -Sun Tzu

Politics of division are built upon the reality of confusion, uncertainty, and discord. Creating disorder and disagreement across a given set of people allows controlling influence greater ability to effectively subvert the unifying cultural narratives, obfuscate the reality of shared interest, pits factions against each other, and in so doing: weakens a previously united opposition.

At the time of writing this, a culture war is raging in The West. All the while we are fed the line from our coopted mainstream media sources there is a multi-levelled humanitarian crisis that we are somehow responsible for fixing by subjugating ourselves to the beige-fascism of Globalism. Nothing could be further from the truth, and this false narrative is being used to weaken the past unity between peoples across Europe, North America, and the rest of the English-speaking world.

Niccolo Machiavelli was born in 1469. He later became advisor to Lorenzo de Medici, as well as a social and military strategist, and was a staunch proponent of the use of divide and conquer tactics in order for a ruler to attain and consolidate power. In his work The Prince, which is a compilation of his letters to Medici from the beginning of the 16th century, Machiavelli advised, among other things, how to utilise a strategy of division to defend Italy against the encroaching French, Spanish, Swiss and German militaries at the time.

In the last chapter of The Prince, chapter 26: An Exhortation to Liberate Italy From the Barbarians(2), Machiavelli called for de Medici to disperse the foreign invaders, and to unite Italy. He pointed out that the Italian forces were weakened through division, a lack of unity, and having no strong leadership. He then went on to dissect the weaknesses of the individual armies, and how they could be played against each other.

This is the essence of rule through division. The means of which is achieved through
creating or encouraging rifts between separate military forces, populations, or sections of
populations in order to prevent allegiances between disparate elements, which, if united,
could challenge the dominant power in a given region. As well as funding, supporting, and
promoting those who are willing to cooperate with the acting power, and fostering distrust
and enmity between potential leaders and influencers who lie in opposition. And, finally,
encouraging meaningless and wasteful expenditure of resources to limit the development of
political and military might.

Identity Politics Divides

Here is where we find ourselves on the doorway to the Cultural Marxist’s recent innovation,
Identity Politics(3). ‘Identity politics’ is the term given to political positions built around the
interests and agendas of endlessly fractionated social groups with which people identify
themselves. Identity politics focuses on the ways in which people’s politics are shaped by
innumerable aspects of how they consider their own personal identity through loosely
correlated social organisational patterns. The problem I have is with the superficiality of this
way of looking at the world.

People define themselves through in-group and out-group preference, and categorise
themselves based on arbitrary characteristics such as sexual orientation. Not based on the
substance of what they themselves think, feel, and know to be true as individuals. But, by
associating with those similar to themselves in terms of race, sexuality, and gender.
Leading to people being divided amongst each other across more and more points of
disagreement over time, and the eventual chaos and confusion of identity experienced
through silly ideas such as intersectionality(4).

In-group and out-group preference are scientific terms as far as the psychology and behaviour of homo sapien sapiens goes. And, beyond that, kin selection(5) is a term used to describe behaviours which resemble identity politics across the animal kingdom; down even into the realm of insects. Even though most could never publicly admit it, we, as human beings, have biases within us. In the very least at the subconscious level — or, I would submit is often the case: the subspoken level. But, this is not the essence of the problem.

The real problem is that nefarious manipulators of cultural narratives know this, and much more besides regarding the tendencies and behaviour-patterns of human beings, and use that knowledge to manipulate The Herd to great effect.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power.” (6)
-Edward Bernays

Identity politics fractionates populations by creating more points of division, and accentuates the will to tribalism by reenforcing the categorical distinctions over time. The factions are then coerced by the politicisation of their perceived interests. While their abstract group identity is used as a leash by which they are lead around by those with the means to influence the cultural narratives to which the population is exposed.

People allow themselves to be pigeonholed because it gives them a sense of belonging, and a means of exercising power. There is power in numbers, and in unity. ‘Minorities’ form voting blocks and wield political influence to their own benefit, and are in-turn used by the political players they appeal to. They often live in their own communities, and often do not want to assimilate. This level of fractionation is a threat to the socio-economic framework of the Western nations subject to the current mass-immigration paradigm.

The Destruction of Western Civilisation

Europe, North America, as well as Australia and New Zealand are the only ones currently experiencing an influx of migrants the likes of which the world has never seen. This is being allowed and accommodated by those in power who are supposed to be leading us to a brighter tomorrow, but are in fact leading us off a metaphorical cliff.

The West is experiencing a demographic replacement and dilution of incomparable magnitude. And, at the same time, a culture has been created in the lead up to the immanetisation of this reality so that it is not criticisable. Natives are not allowed to critique the ways in which our home and native lands are developing; or, should I say, declining.

Europeans and North Americans exist in a culture where ideas are so heavily politicised that one immediately puts themselves in a position to be attacked if they say or think the wrong thing. And, we are the only ones for whom it is forbidden to play the game of identity politics. Why? The only reason is to disempower us, and leave us without identity and without unity in the face of the destruction of our complex and beautiful cultural heritage.

I am an Irishman, and the fact that native Irish people are essentially forbidden from coming together, or to speak out about the interest of native Irish people without some keyboard warrior NPC or local resentful SJW poser decrying them as ‘racists’, ‘bigots’, or ‘white supremacists’ is beyond absurd. Sure… us patriarchal Irish oppressors! Because of our gruesome, murderous imperialist encroachments into Africa and South America that we must now atone for by relinquishing our homeland and identity! Oh, wait… That wasn’t us who did that!

But, what about our shameless involvement in all those wars of aggression against the innocent brown cherubs of the Middle-East, the carpet bombing of all those poor, huddled masses to exploit their natural resources??? That wasn’t us either, lads! Well, I guess we were heavily involved in the slave trade for few hundred years(7), and I cannot deny that. But, then again, we were actually the slaves, so… we don’t owe anybody anything — other than owing to our own ancestors who fought and died for our independence that we not allow our country to be once again taken over by nefarious foreign imperialists (I am talking about the illegitimate Federalist EU).

And yet, we have Americanised ‘White Male Imperialist Patriarchal Oppressor!’ race-politics and victim-politics hoisted upon us from biased media institution with questionable sources of funding who seem bent on grooming the culture in a very particular direction, in unison. That must be sheer coincidence! Regardless of who is behind it, and the clear motivations: narratives like this do not fit Ireland, Irish culture, Irish history, or the reality of the situation more generally.

Many people do not seem to have the critical faculty to understand these narratives and their implications. Just as the as the popular ‘refugees welcome’ – when only a tiny fraction of the hordes pouring into our homelands are actual refugees – narrative is not appropriate; or even a valid argument when you consider the facts of the matter. Or, maybe it is that people in this country and others do not have the spine to speak out publicly against these false narratives and gross manipulations out of their own self-interest, and fear of condemnation.

All of these ideas are designed to take advantage of inherent, previously beneficial drives such as compassion, empathy, and sympathy. Now people are tricked into being overcome with emotion, so they cannot rightly understand, or act upon, vital issues with grand implications for the future of our respective countries, cultures, and identities. When you are culturally defined as an oppressor, and the invaders defined as victims, you are by default taking on the mantle of one who does harm, while so-called ‘minorities’ – who are actually majorities on a global scale – are painted as harmless, innocent dears, when this very often not the case (as can be evidenced by the rise in violent crime across Europe as the influx of migrants grows).

In recent history Germany successfully utilised identity politics as a means of control in Rwanda. This was achieved by inorganically placing in positions of power members of the Tutsi minority. Belgium took control in 1916, and the Tutsi and Hutu groups were reordered by race instead of by occupation. Belgium recategorised “Tutsi” as anyone who had a long nose, or ten or more cows, while “Hutu” meant someone who had a broad nose with less than ten cows. More arbitrary categorising based on meaningless characteristics. The already clearly drawn divide between the Hutus and Tutsis continued to after the nation gained independence, and ended up being a major factor in the subsequent genocide.

This is not all a coincidence. Insidious actors wielding power and influence understand how to control and manipulate groups on a large scale. The West is currently the focus of a campaign of division, through which we are psyoped into submission. The psychological warfare we are currently subject to in the form of identity politics must be recognised as such to be overcome. We are being played, we are being disempowered; our culture destroyed our identities subsumed. Are we trudge, head-down, quietly onward as we are lead to our doom? Or, will we begin to more openly speak and act, without shame or guilt, in our own interest, without fear of all the traps laid out for those who do?

Only time will tell.

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  • comment-avatar
    Simon Gruffydd Foster ()

    Hits the nail on the proverbial head. Change is sweeping Europe, from East to West, or so it seems. That puts Ireland at the end of the line. But then again, social change and awakening can happen at lighting speed sometimes. I’m old enough to remember the collapse of the USSR. One day it was there. The next day it was gone.

  • comment-avatar
    Samson ()

    But who are these? ” Insidious actors wielding power and influence understand how to control and manipulate groups on a large scale”

    • comment-avatar
      C.B. Ahern ()

      I have repeatedly quoted a man named ‘Edward Bernays’ in my past few articles. This man is considered one of The Father’s of PR (Public Relations). I would recommend reading his book ‘Propaganda’, as it is so relevant to the deep politics of how The World stage is currently choreographed.
      PR is all about manipulating public opinion, and is a sector of business officially worth at least 15 billion a year as of 2016 (I can’t find a more recent estimate). Governments have ‘troll farms’, where millions of paid/volunteer positions where it is their job to spread government propaganda through fake social media accounts.
      You ask ‘who’? I say: whoever has the money and will to manipulate public opinion — and there are many. Financial institutions, the ultra-rich, governments, intergovernmental organisations such as the EU, & UN.

      My next article/essay is going to cover similar subject matter, and I will get into how public opinion is manipulated in greater detail.

      It’s early days yet! Stay tuned.