3 posts from month 08/2018

Uplifting Poetry: ‘Onward!’

The world I know is entropy. It seems my job is to maintain That which means the most to me. Sometimes my trying seems all in vein... Problems arise everywhere, and to fix them is my task. I must not fall into despair, the world of me doth fairly ask: 'What have you, human? What can you do? Of what is it you're made?' I face my challenges head on, I would rather die than fail! Know thyself, & turn to face The challenges you're spun. Feel no shame, fear, or disgrace For ...

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What Am I? (Part 1)

Life is an impossible situation. We are cast into infinity - which came from nothingness - as a nothing of a human being with veritably infinite limits. Born with no understanding, and no ability to make meaning, yet endowed with the ability to make sense of a domain that is essentially endless data in every direction, which defies definition, which can only be honestly understood perspectively; with each perceiver limited to a very particular perceptual place; an ultra-limited here/now in ...

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Darkness & Light

How best to address an unyielding mind, When anxiety has, by its design, Crippled this creature - in the face of action - Struck with such feelings this beast needs traction, Like the rubber of a new wheel meeting road, Though still feeling the undeniable weight of a load Of mental baggage being carried around By this beast of burden covered in its shroud.   Anxiety, it falls like a shadow, and casts night over this weary land As the darkness spreads like an approaching, outstr...

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