3 posts from month 10/2017

Some Old Love Poem…

The challenge is: what to do? It's my desire to know you. In many ways we're not alike. But, who's the same? No one. That's life. Humanity, it seems to me, Is based on varying complexities. And, though we're different, and not the same I feel I need to know you; of that I have no shame. For how I feel, it's what I am - A little unusual, but I don't give a damn! I care for you, and don't know why I feel overwhelmed when I see your sight. You confuse me in so many ways - When ...

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There are many ways to see; It's endless in complexity. This “reality” we know Really isn't, 'tis but a show! All we have is out perspective. To make it good is our objective.   In what way do you think of things? And, what is the result that brings? Perhaps there is another way, A path more useful, to try today!   All we minds can do is try, And try again! Until we die...

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Chamomind – Be the Tea

As I sit and watch my tea, And dissipation of its steam, The seemingly endless expanding Of its inherent energies: I’m struck by its similarity to me… How I sit so full of warmth, Yet seemingly endless exhausting streams Of could have beens, and what might not quite be’s

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