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Social Dynamics – A Human Instruction Manual is a recognition of the incoherence and chaos that pervades much of the human world. As human beings attempting to live our lives, it is our duty – surely – to order the chaos of circumstance. An analysis of the human world from a human perspective, this book has been created in order to help bring greater coherence to the species at large; giving those looking an instruction manual on how to be human.
Touching on issues and concerns all too common, such as Death, self-conception, self-generation, style, expression, sub-communication, Love, deceit, and many more besides: this text playfully lays foundations for those on unstable ground, lights the way for those lost in the dark, and paves new paths for those without a notion of what road to travel.
Written by someone that has struggled greatly in life, this book is an abstract deconstruction, appraisal, and pragmatic strategising scintillated in response to endlessly trying circumstances, the overcoming of which the author feels has given him great insight into the human condition. Insight he wishes to share

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  1. The “Self”
  2. The Victim Of Circumstance
  3. Metabolism
  4. Facade
  5. Framing
  6. Learning & Play
  7. Kairos
  8. Love” – & Getting Some
  9. Perspective
  10. The Hunt!
  11. Perception Management
  12. Insincerity & Insecurity
  13. Bullshit
  14. Dealing with Assholes
  15. Irony

About The Author

C.B.  Ahern

After very nearly checking-out of this mortal coil and spending twenty-three days bed-ridden, post-op, full of tubes and IVs, the author had a lot to think about. This trying time ended in a winter solstice release from hospital, and personal and spiritual rebirth. Ordeals like this force deep insight upon us, into one’s own life — as well as the life of the world at large. Many cultures throughout human history have had schools of Shamanism born from initiates taking part in life-threatening ordeals. Extreme situations like these can initiate perspective shifts, and contribute to changes in one’s values. Such experiences have the potential to instil a deep respect for life in the minds of those that survive their brush with death.

C.B. Ahern has a lot to share with the many he knows are in confusing situations similar to those that he himself was once in. His goal is to be a helping hand to assist in raising many out of their state of incongruity with the world.


Many people are lost, C.B. Ahern aims – to the best of his ability! – to be a guiding force to help people get their lives on the right track. Or, more appropriately: a right track.

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